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Update from the DGF Baseball Club Board


At his press conference today, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz did not lift any restrictions for Summer youth sports.  He did state that they will be monitoring the viability of Summer youth sports closely over the next phases of reopening the state.   Our intentions of playing this season have not changed.  If the State Government allows our teams to play, they will play.  Our 13 and 14/15 year old Babe Ruth teams would remain in the same league and the American Legion aged players will play in a Senior Babe Ruth league.  We will not know any further details until the State Government makes a decision one way or the other.  We will keep all of you informed as soon as we know anything.

Thanks you,
DGF Baseball Club Board of Directors

Covid-19 | American Legion Cancels 2020 Season

Covid-19 | Message from MN State Legion Director


TO:  All Minnesota American Legion Baseball Teams

FR:  Randy Schaub, Minnesota State Baseball Director

SU:  2020 Minnesota American Legion Baseball Season

Dear Managers and Coaches,

I thought with the official cancellation of the high school baseball season for this year you would like to know what the Board is thinking about our Legion season for 2020. Many of the guidelines set out by the State for social distancing is going to make things quite difficult. It is highly unlikely that any changes will be made to lessen these regulations. Our Baseball Board will be meeting in some capacity on May 9th to try and see where we are and where we can go from here.

I think you are aware that many states have cancelled their Legion baseball season altogether or at least cancelled post-season play. Our State Baseball Board has not made any decisions about the season or the post-season. The Board will need to decide on a season before June 1st because of the insurance deadline. Teams should be getting a reimbursement on their credit cards for the National fees they have already paid. If your team has not registered yet, we would still like to know if you plan on playing. We don’t expect you to pay anything for insurance or fees at this time. If you have paid, you will be reimbursed for your insurance and state fees if the season is cancelled.

I would like to thank you all for your patience. This situation with COVID19 has been and continues to be extremely hard for most people to deal with. It would be great to just be able to give a straight answer to if or not we will have a season. Just like the MSHSL did, we are trying to hold off on making anything official until we have exhausted our options. We don’t know what our liabilities might be if we hold a season and someone gets sick and files a suit against the team managers and coaches as well as the Legion baseball board claiming it was due to our negligence. None of us can afford the attorney fees to fight that claim, no matter how ridiculous it is!

I will try and update you as we go! As always, wishing you the best.
Minnesota is the best in Legion baseball because of you! Randy

Covid-19 | Message from MN State Legion Director


TO: All Minnesota American Legion Baseball Teams

FR: Randy Schaub, MN State Legion Baseball Director

SU: 2020 Minnesota American Legion Baseball Season

The Minnesota American Legion Baseball Board held their annual Spring meeting, virtually, today April 11th. All Board members were present for the meeting as well as Minnesota Legion Communications Director Tim Engstrom, Minnesota State Legion Commander Mark Dvorak, and Minnesota American Legion Executive Board Judge-Advocate Greg Colby. The main topic for discussion as most of you know is “will there be a 2020 Minnesota American Legion baseball season?” The Board voted unanimously to suspend the season until May 9th, 2020. This means teams cannot hold tryouts, play games, or practice until further notice. Failure to abide by the above rules will forfeit any chance of a refund of insurance in the event there is no Legion Baseball season in Minnesota. The Board will be meeting again on May 9th to assess the COVID-19 situation and see if developments from now until then will allow us to make a sound decision. We may still choose to stay in a waiting pattern. The most likely outcome is that President Trump and/or Governor Walz, with advice of their medical advisors will be determining the fate of all sports on when its safe to resume play both in the amateur ranks as well as professional.

We are advising the teams who have not purchased insurance or completed their background checks/sexual abuse training to hold off on that task until further notice from the Baseball Board. Please continue to complete your concussion training and submit your certificates to Brandon Raymo. With the cancellation of the World Series and Regional tournaments, National will be automatically refunding the $50 fee for Sr. teams and $25 for Jr. teams if you have already paid. This will be done automatically, so there is nothing you need to do at this time. National will not be refunding the $35 administrative fee.

It is a trying time for all! I again thank you for participating in American Legion baseball. I have greatly appreciated the support I have received from the entire baseball community in Minnesota. We have the best American Legion baseball program in the country because of what all of you do currently and the great support and leadership of the past American Legion baseball directors, managers, and coaches. I’m very proud to be your State Director! My best, Randy

Additional Detailed Information from Director Schaub

Covid-19 | Message from DGF Baseball Club Board of Directors


To:  All DGF Legion & Babe Ruth Players and Families

From:  DGF Baseball Club

Subject:  DGF Baseball Club COVID-19 Statement

The highest priority of the DGF Baseball club is the health and well-being of all of our players, families, volunteers, and fans.  We must continue to follow the State and Federal guidelines related to COVID-19.  Our organization is also governed by the guidelines set forth by the National American Legion and Babe Ruth Organizations.

While the national and state organizations continue to evaluate the situation, at this point in time, there has been no official statement whether or not there will be a 2020 baseball season.

While we will continue to plan for the upcoming American Legion and Babe Ruth seasons, we will be postponing all scheduled events that were originally scheduled through May 6.  We plan on rescheduling these events at a date that is to be determined.  Please watch our Club website ( and our Facebook page for updates.  You may also email us with any questions at:

The National American Legion and Babe Ruth statements regarding COVID-19 are on the following websites:

Thank you in advance for your support and please stay safe. 

DGF Baseball Club
Board of Directors

COVID-19 | Message from MN State Baseball Director


To: All Minnesota American Legion Baseball Teams

From: Randy Schaub, Minnesota State Baseball Director

Subject: 2020 Minnesota American Legion Baseball Season Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Dear Managers and Coaches,

Many of you are wondering what is going to happen to the 2020 American Legion Baseball Season. I can tell you that as a Board we are monitoring developments on all fronts and have some preliminary plans on when a season may be able to begin, if at all. To give any details at this time would not be productive. Until the Federal and State governments can make solid decisions on dates when they feel it’s safe for people to meet in larger groups again, we will remain in limbo and short on solid answers!

We need to have all the teams and players of Minnesota follow the guidelines of the CDC to try and curb this crisis in a timely fashion. Please do not try and get your Legion team together since the high school season is in delay and you have team insurance. The longer people resist measures to stop the spread of COVID19, the more likely that there will not be a high school season and possibly not a Legion season as well!

I’m sure those of you who have paid for insurance and State and National fees are also wondering if there is no season, do we lose that money? I will speculate that either you will be able to choose to get your money returned, or you will be able to credit it for next year. We will cross that bridge if and when it is needed.

The State Legion Baseball Board will be meeting in some capacity on April 11th. Hopefully things will be clearer by then. Teams that were planning to bid for future State Tournaments be advised that we will now be doing that at our Fall 2020 meeting. State Tournament sites are determined through 2021, except DI Junior Legion, so there is still time to award future tournaments and have enough site planning time to get ready.

Good news or bad, I will keep in touch! Stay healthy!!! Randy

Fundraisers Postponed


HomeRun 5K and Spaghetti Dinner Events

With the CDC recommending that people limit the number of people at a gathering to be less than 50 for the next 8 weeks, the DGF Baseball Club Board will be rescheduling the DGF HomeRun 5K and Spaghetti Dinner events to a later date. These new dates will be posted on the Club website and communicated out when determined.

COVID-19 | Message from MN State Babe Ruth Commissioner


Hello All  Babe Ruth members, athletes, fans, & supporters!
Due to the recent Covid-19 Virus strain pandemic, the Babe Ruth board in its highest priority will ensure the safety and health of our patrons. 
At this time we are monitoring the situation cautiously as it unfolds. If it were to come to fruition that the season is postponed or cancelled. Babe Ruth will undoubtedly refund you, your participation fee. We cannot speak on behalf of our 3rd party organization as to whether convenience fees will be refunded at this time, but we will surely do our best to refund that as well. 
Baseball is a short season in Minnesota. It is far too early to suspend or postpone anything. Especially when we can finally get our kids, friends and family outdoors enjoying fresh air and ballpark fun. 
In the meantime let's pray for the victims and families of this pandemic. Please  continue to wash hands and use common sense when it comes to hygiene. 
We thank you for your concerns and we will continue to answer questions as we learn more. 
Thank you all for your continued support of Baseball.
Truly yours in baseball,
Bruce J. Dahlin
Minnesota BR Commissioner

Gaming News

The DGF Baseball Club is excited to announce the launch of charitable gambling, official as of February 1, 2019. The charitable gambling proceeds help fund and support the Legion and Babe Ruth summer baseball programs. The Minnesota Gambling Control Board (GCB) regulates the lawful (charitable) gambling industry, ensures the integrity of operations and provides for the lawful use of net profits.  In Minnesota, charitable gambling is conducted only by registered nonprofit organizations.  The five forms of lawful gambling are bingo, paddlewheels, pull-tabs, raffles, and tipboards.

DGF Baseball Club Charitable Insights:

  • License - DGF Baseball Charitable Gambling License # - 94330
  • Official Launch Date – February 1, 2019
  • Contacts – DGF Baseball gambling officials
    • Gaming Manager – Doug Stetz
    • Gaming CEO – Matt Green
  • Site(s) – Boulder Tap House (Moorhead, MN)
    • We are seeking additional sites (if you know of a potential establishment who may be interested, please contact or Doug/Matt)
  • Staff – The Boulder Tap House site is a “booth operation”, staffed and operated by the DGF Baseball Club. Staff earns an hourly wage. If you’re interested in working, please contact or Doug/Matt.