Michael Stalboerger - Service Award

The DGF Baseball Club presented the evening's special guest Michael Stalboerger with a "Service Award" for his longtime dedication and passion to DGF Baseball. Michael is pictured with the current 2019 DGF Post 397 American Legion team between games of the Alumni Classic.

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Service Award Presentation | Script

Ladies and gentlemen, at this time we’d like everyone to bring their attention to home plate where current DGF Baseball Club President Matt Green and Legion Team Manager Al Krueger will be presenting a special Service Award to one of our own.

Longevity, dedication and passion for baseball in DGF is at the core of tonight’s Special Guest. The DGF Baseball Club would like to take a few minutes tonight to honor Dilworth’s Michael Stalboerger with a Special Service Award for his years of service to baseball in our community.

Michael has spent many hours here at Bob Marshall Field dedicating himself to the game and the boys playing it. He started out as a youth coaching working with Little League aged players and continuing his way through the ranks of Babe Ruth Baseball as well as many years as an Assistant and Head Coach of Green Hill Post 397 for Dilworth then eventually DGF. Michael coached many good teams including a tremendous 1986 American Legion team that was a District Champion that played the Moorhead Blues in a best 2 out of 3 back in the days of a 1-class system. Michael spent several years assisting with the DGF Rebels High School team as well. Michael has a love for the outdoors, which many who know him best can attest to, whether it be gardening, golfing, fishing or hunting. He loves the outdoors so much that he’s spent many years working for the school district in grounds maintenance with hours of dedication to maintaining Bob Marshall Field and our athletic complex.

As all of us here have a love for the game of baseball whether it being playing, coaching, parenting, umpiring, chalking foul lines or mowing grass…Michael has truly enjoyed all aspects of being a part of the community of baseball here in DGF over the years. And, we as a baseball community are forever grateful for his years of service. 

I would like everyone at this time to join us in presenting this baseball Service Award to a deserving man of baseball in DGF…. Mr. Michael Stalboerger!